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Videotron Centre

Our box at the Videotron Centre is located above section 113. Its location is ideal for hockey games as well as concerts.

The box rental includes:

10 tickets – with the possibility to purchase 8 more tickets (price depends on the event)

Two  VIP parking spaces
Hostess services and gratuities (included)
Private entrance


Pre-order Menu (72 hours prior to the event)

À la carte Menu (upon arrival the day of the event, allow 15 minutes to receive your meal)

**Certain restrictions may apply

Bell Centre

Reserve your box for the concert or hockey game of your choice. The price will vary depending on the location of the box and the chosen event.

Box on the 3rd floor
Box on the 5th floor


12 tickets - with the possibility to purchase 4 more tickets (price depends on the event)
Two indoor parking spaces
Complete bar Hostess services
Private entrance


Catering services (Price depends on the menu)
À la carte Menu (Have to choose 5 days prior to the event)
Day of the event Menu (Have to choose before 4 pm the day of the event)
Hostess gratuities

*No service after the start of the second period (for a hockey game)

**Certain restrictions may apply For more information or to make your box reservation please call us at 514-245-5387.