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Denzal Sinclaire

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Denzal Sinclaire was born in Toronto.  He studied at McGill University and met the guitarist Bill Coon.   They've since been almost inseperable!  Sinclaire and Coon, in 1995, were part of the Du Maurier Jazz Festival in Vancouver.  That's when Sinclaire fell in love with the city and moved there.

He has three recorded albums.  He'll be in Quebec City at Palais Montcalm in November 2015 for Frank Sinatra's 100th anniversary.

Denzel Sinclaire-Chante Sinatra is a tribute to one of the best albums sellers of all times with 150 millions albums sold.  Frank Sinatra was the original crooner, born in Hoboken, New Jersey in December 1915.  He was a long time the best singer and actor in the United States.