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514-Tickets offers you the best selection of tickets for the most popular concerts in Montreal, Quebec, Laval and Brossard.
Visit our concert calendar for a list of upcoming concerts in Montreal and throughout Quebec. You can choose from dozens of concerts that will take place in your area.
Let your favourite artists amaze you with the sounds of their music. Whether you like to dance to the music of Bruno Mars, “rocker” Bon Jovi or sing to your favourite One Direction songs, nothing beats the experience of seeing them live. 514-Tickets offers you and unforgettable evening!

Top 20 Bell Centre Last Minute
  • Buy your Scorpions tickets


    Quebec and Montreal
    August 24 and 27

    From $79

    Buy your Scorpions ticketsBuy your Scorpions tickets
  • Buy your TAYC tickets


    Laval and Toronto
    September 24 and 25

    From $55

    Buy your TAYC ticketsBuy your TAYC tickets
  • Buy your WWE SmackDown tickets

    WWE SmackDown

    Bell Centre
    August 19 2022

    From $79

    Buy your WWE SmackDown ticketsBuy your WWE SmackDown tickets
  • Buy your FEQ tickets


    Plains of Abraham

    From $9

    Buy your FEQ ticketsBuy your FEQ tickets
  • Buy your Kane Brown tickets

    Kane Brown

    Montreal and Toronto
    December 2 and 4

    From $79

    Buy your Kane Brown ticketsBuy your Kane Brown tickets
  • Buy your The Smashing Pumpkins tickets

    The Smashing Pumpkins

    Montreal and Quebec
    October 26 and 27

    From $105

    Buy your The Smashing Pumpkins ticketsBuy your The Smashing Pumpkins tickets
  • Buy your Stromae tickets


    Montreal and Quebec
    November 25 to December 14

    From $69

    Buy your Stromae ticketsBuy your Stromae tickets
  • Buy your Dennis Deyoung tickets

    Dennis Deyoung

    Montreal and Quebec
    October 6 to October 8

    From $49

    Buy your Dennis Deyoung ticketsBuy your Dennis Deyoung tickets
  • Buy your Dua Lipa tickets

    Dua Lipa

    Montreal and Toronto
    July 25 and 27

    From $125

    Buy your Dua Lipa ticketsBuy your Dua Lipa tickets
  • Buy your A Day To Remember tickets

    A Day To Remember

    L'Agora de Québec
    July 31 2022

    From $89

    Buy your A Day To Remember ticketsBuy your A Day To Remember tickets
  • Buy your Elton John tickets

    Elton John

    Rogers Centre
    September 8 2022

    From $89

    Buy your Elton John ticketsBuy your Elton John tickets
  • Buy your Pitbull tickets


    Bell Centre
    August 12 2022

    From $69

    Buy your Pitbull ticketsBuy your Pitbull tickets
  • Buy your Russ tickets


    Place Bell
    May 28 2022

    From $49

    Buy your Russ ticketsBuy your Russ tickets
  • Buy your ÎleSoniq 2022 tickets

    ÎleSoniq 2022

    Parc Jean-Drapeau

    From $119

    Buy your ÎleSoniq 2022 ticketsBuy your ÎleSoniq 2022 tickets
  • Buy your Backstreet Boys tickets

    Backstreet Boys

    Many cities
    September 1 to September 3

    From $599

    Buy your Backstreet Boys ticketsBuy your Backstreet Boys tickets
  • Buy your Luke Combs tickets

    Luke Combs

    Many cities
    July 9 to November 22

    From $89

    Buy your Luke Combs ticketsBuy your Luke Combs tickets
  • Buy your Charlotte Cardin tickets

    Charlotte Cardin

    Many cities

    From $79

    Buy your Charlotte Cardin ticketsBuy your Charlotte Cardin tickets
  • Buy your IAM tickets


    Maison Symphonique

    From $75

    Buy your IAM ticketsBuy your IAM tickets
  • Buy your Angèle tickets


    Bell Centre
    April 29 2023

    From $59

    Buy your Angèle ticketsBuy your Angèle tickets
  • Buy your Journey tickets


    Vidéotron Centre
    Date to be determined

    From $125

    Buy your Journey ticketsBuy your Journey tickets