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Privacy Policy
Last updated Mai 1st 2018

Respecting ones privacy is an important thing in these days of computer communication. We respect your right to privacy, which is why we put together this privacy policy. This policy is to inform you of how we at handle your personal information as you contact us via various methods of communication. Whether by phone, email, or via the various forms of our website, your information remains private and will not be disclosed to anyone unless it is specifically required to properly process your requests.

When you use our website, you accept the terms of use that govern the site and you agree that we may collect and process, preserve and compile all the information you may register or communicate verbally.

Effect and Use

The privacy policy described here extends to all personal and general information that may be collected by and its promotional partners.

These personal or general details are collected from the website of (hereinafter: the “Site”) as well as other information collected via any other form of communication with, whether by email, postal mail or other (such as social networks like Facebook, Twitter or contests via the web, SMS and other communications) in connection with the tickets offered for sale through the site and/or inquiries or exchanged information.

It is understood that this policy also includes all of our partners that are necessary for the proper operation of the company and which are an integral part of the service we provide. These partners are essential in providing the services you are entitled to. These partners are generally but not limited to: credit card providers, mail service, customer service, promotional services etc.

Our privacy policy complies in every respect to the privacy policy as described in the Act on the protection of personal information in the private sector as well as any other legislation and regulation.

Information provided

 As a buyer you must provide some essential information for the transaction. This information is used to identify you during the transaction, verifying that tickets will go to the intended recipient and that your transaction will respect the safety rules as defined by the issuing credit card companies.

You will need to provide the following informations:
• name and surname
• billing and mailing address (as it appears on your credit card statement)
• telephone number
• details of your credit card and where needed your company’s name and cell number

Only your name and surname and full address will be disclosed to the seller or courier with the sole purpose of sending you the tickets quick and efficiently. In case of a delivery by our courier, we may provide a telephone number in order to ease the delivery of tickets ordered. Our partners are subject to the same rules of respect for your private information and will not save your information for their use or for the selling of information for any purpose whatsoever other than to provide the best possible service for the delivery of your order.

As a member

Our member section allows you to create your personal folder. This allows you ease of your transactions.

• for easier transactions
• to improve your experience by customizing your preferences
• filling out your orders quickly
• receiving your tickets faster with your registration on our priority lists
• participate in our various promotions and specials
• identify your ticket preferences eg: sports, humour, concerts etc via the “My Likes”*
• contact customer service

*The member may customize according to their own criteria by choosing favourite artists by accessing the “My tastes” site. The identification by the member of his favourite artists is intended only to improve the site experience and to allow to send customized alerts. This data obtained will not be shared or sold to third parties.

Alerts and communications

Sending alerts and personalized communications has several advantages for the new member. Indeed these alerts will be sent to the member of to prevent it from coming in its defined geographical area for favourite artists or to offer special promotions for the said artists. To receive these alerts, the member must provide their email address and incidentally his/her cell phone number and ensure that this information is to his/her knowledge true and accurate.

The member acknowledges that a fee may be required by the internet service or cell phone provider to receive these alerts according to the member’s current plan. cannot be responsible for any costs incurred from receiving alerts or for any unwanted messages. However, if the member receives unwanted messages, they may unsubscribe by following the link provided for this purpose in the email sent to them, texting on the cell phone the word “stop” or contacting our customer service department to be removed from the contact list.

Priority List

Any person/visitor wishing to register on our priority list must provide the following information:

• a valid email address
• as an option, name and cell phone number and where appropriate, the type of ticket, quantity and price desired.

The priority list is intended to alert the subscriber of information about the arrival of an artist or sports team in your area, also the addition of new tickets or sales of tickets for a specific artist for priority access to tickets for your preferred event.

This information is only collected and used to enable us to better communicate with you and to better tailor our offerings or content of our website to provide you with an experience that may better suit your personal preferences.

At any time you may change or cancel your subscription to these alerts. With each communication, you will find a link where applicable allowing you to cancel these alerts if you wish. You may also communicate with our customer service department and update your preferences.


If you wish you may also subscribe to our newsletter. If necessary you must provide the following information:

• your email address
• optionally : gender, age and types of events or favourite artists

This information is only collected and used to enable us to better communicate with you and to customize our listings or content of our website.

You may decide at any time to cancel your subscription to this newsletter and we give you this opportunity to do so with each email you receive using the special link provided. You may also contact our customer service department that will be happy to update your preferences.

As a seller

If you would like to sell your tickets, you will share some pertinent information concerning your tickets:

• event title
• event date
• number of tickets
• ticket type (paper or electronic)
• ticket location (seat, row, section or general admission etc.)
• additional details of the seating (eg: obstructed view, side stage, or separate seats)
• all relative information pertaining to the ticket
• asking price

You will also be asked to provide relevant information as a seller:

• first and last name
• telephone and/or cell number
• valid email address
• full postal address

When the information is validated by our customer service department and there is an interest on our part, we will then contact you to finalize the transaction after the usual verifications.

As a visitor

Be assured that when using the site (navigation) no personal information is collected. Only information such as browser type, your language, your position on our pages, pages viewed, your IP address, the name of a partner site, and other information in connection with your website navigation are collected. This information is collected via cookies and is only used for anonymous statistics which are used to enhance your experience on our website. This information used in no way identifies you, but rather helps enhance the experience navigating through our website as a visitor.

When visiting our site, it is possible that we deposit files (cookies) on your computer. These files are used to retain certain information about your visit to our website. This helps speed up your visit and will improve your experience in general. Indeed some information pages visited, visit date, preferred page may be deposited on your computer from time to time to speed up your browsing and/or enhance your experience by customizing content to better match your personal preferences. These cookies do not identify your personally, in no way contains personal information such as name, address, telephone numbers or credit card numbers and information.

It is possible that joins the information thus obtained to your personal information when you ‘sign in’ on the site.

Management of privacy settings

It is possible for you at any time to change your preferences regarding cookies. Most current browsers allow you via parameters. At any time you may erase cookies or even change your preferences. Please refer to the instruction help section of your browser.

Changing your personal information

At any time, you may update the personal information related to your account. Simply access your dashboard. Please note that this does not change previous transactions only future transactions.

Please note that in accordance with the terms and conditions, any ticket (s) purchased can only be sent to the billing address registered with the issuer of your credit card.


When updating your preferences, you may also unsubscribe to certain communications such as newsletters, priority lists etc.

It is noted that to be unsubscribed from some type of communication does not affect the essential communications related to your past or current transactions such as notifications of possible problems with your account or any other communication with the customer service department.

Data security

All data is stored on servers with high-security safeguards, protected against access by unauthorized persons and misuse. also protects personal information disclosed to third parties in accordance with this policy in order to preserve their privacy and the purpose for which it was collected. Only individuals (employees or agents) may access information in the course of their duties.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, and is in the case with any computer system, malicious third parties may, using sophisticated technological means, unlawfully intercept or access information when transmitted or disclosed. These third parties may then abuse or fraudulently use the information collected on the side.

This, despite the fact that we make every effort to ensure the safety and protection of your personal information, we cannot guarantee, and you should not assume that your personal information is not subject to any risk whatsoever.

Processing and preserving your personal information retains personal information for a reasonable period of time to achieve the objectives set out or pursuant to the law, whichever time frame is longer. Conservation criteria are based on the type of information to keep.

We do not disclose your personal information to anyone outside without your consent with the exception of our regular partners. These partners are essential to help provide the service you deserve. These partners are generally but not limited to credit card issuers, mail service, customer service, promotional service etc. takes the necessary steps through contractual or other means to ensure that these third party providers of goods or services treat your personal information only for the purposes identified by and offer a degree of personal information protection comparable to that offer for personal information in its possession.

Once the information reaches the end of its life, it is destroyed in order to ensure the confidentiality of information. These can also be destroyed at your request. Please note that any information in connection with a past transaction must be kept under the provisions of the Taxation act.

Third party information


When you refer our website through our pages, social networks or other promotions, this information is not compiled or stored in any way. Once these references are listed on the site, they are then governed by our privacy policy as a whole.

Personal information of persons under 18 years of age

Our site is not intended for persons under 18 years of age. does not knowingly collect any personal information about such people.

Payment Processing

We use Stripe for payment, analytics, and other business services. Stripe collects identifying information about the devices that connect to its services. Stripe uses this information to operate and improve the services it provides to us, including for fraud detection. You can learn more about Stripe and read its privacy policy at

Outside linkd on our site

Our website may contain links to websites operated by other companies. By clicking on these links, you leave the website. has no control over the operation of these websites and the fact that they are listed on our website are not the responsibility of Any personal information you transmit through these sites is subject to the protection of personal information policy however assumes no obligation in this regard.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Periodically, it is possible that our privacy policy needs to be modified to reflect changes in technology, communication modes, legislative or otherwise. can always change it privacy policy. Please check back periodically. Any changes will be notified to members by email and an appropriate notice will also be posted at the beginning of the policy.


For questions about our privacy policy, please contact our customer service department by email at the following address: [email protected]. We will be happy to answer your question and help you update your information and/or preferences.