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Annie Brocoli in Montreal or Quebec City?

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Annie Brocoli

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A native of Montreal, Annie Brocoli is a singer and actress well known for her shows devoted to children.
This entertaining and enigmatic character seeks to take the children on amusing and surprising adventures.
Since the beginning of her career, Annie Brocoli has released several song albums for children Annie (or Annie Brocoli) in 1999, Annie Brocoli dans l'espace in 2001. Her last album Autour du Monde was released in 2015.
As an actress, Annie Brocoli has become an unmissable figure. She has participated in several films like Annie Brocoli dans les fonds marin in 2003 or G Show at the Broco Show in 2010.
Annie Brocoli gives an appointment to her fans in Terrebonne on January 14, 2018 at 10:30. We hope to see her soon in Montreal.