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User Agreement for 514-Tickets web site:

1- Introduction

Between below: the "Site" or "we" and you "user ", the "member", the "purchaser” and

These terms govern your use of the site and the services offered by At any time, reserves the right to modify these terms. Your use of the site indicates your complete agreement with these terms as set and can be changed occasionally. If you can commit to respect these terms, you must immediately stop using the site and the services offered by provides its users (Members, Buyers), a website allowing them to buy tickets for any kind of event. As applicable resale price may differ from the price listed on the ticket.

As a buyer, you acknowledge that the price of tickets on the site may in some cases be higher than the original selling price of an event promoter.

2. Qualification

To purchase tickets on the site, you must:

i) be at least 18 years old;
ii) be the holder of a valid credit card or a debit card
iii) be capable to conclude a contract; and
iv) not be temporarily or definitely banned from using the site or the services of

If you do not meet one or other of the conditions stipulated above, we ask you to immediately stop using the site and the services offered by In case you were not considered the conditions above mentioned and proceeded to a transaction, reserves the right to cancel any transaction.

All users must be able to receive any email from the address: order to validate the various stages of the credit process.

3. Account Opening

As a buyer, open an account is optional. However, if you want to open an account to take advantage of improved services you will have to provide certain personal information as name, address, postal code, phone number and email. It is your responsibility :

(i) to ensure that the information provided is accurate and truthful ; and
(ii) update this information when they change . is not responsible for the fees, delays or other consequences caused by any erroneous information provided by the member.

Respect for private life
Your private life is important for and your personal information will be treated in agreement with our policy of the private life such as described on our web site.

4. Payment Methods

As a user of the site you may have to choose a method of payment when purchasing tickets. The payment method can be chosen at your discretion from the available payment methods. To complete a purchase, the user must provide at any time accurate and valid information so can proceed with the sale. reserves the right to verify any information in order to protect the user against fraud. is not responsible for lost payments, bills, not completed, or problems caused by user error during configuration or data entry / information when selecting a method of payment. The user agrees to keep updating its user information, payment and all information in their member account. In the event that this information proves outdated, the user may be denied access to their account or make an invalid transaction. Please note that during the update of your information, this will result in a future update your information, but will not affect any past transaction. It is the user's responsibility to choose a secure password and keep his access (username and password) secret and not disclose it to anyone. disclaims all liability for identity theft , phishing or fraud may be committed by theft, piracy or extortion of information from its servers.

5. Password, Email and Transactions Made

Users wishing to join as member of the site have to create a password and associate with their email address. It is of the responsibility of the members to choose a safe and appropriate password. The users have to preserve these data in a security place known by him alone and not reveal or share this information with others. The users are responsible for any share taken from their account.

Every user of the site is the only responsible for operations made in his account. cannot be held responsible for any loss, delay, damage or defect caused by any action, manipulation or intervention committed by the user or a different person who has access to the member account. does not have to warn beforehand the user of any behavior or action that may cause any loss, delay, damage or defect. reserves the right to suspend or to close every account used inconsistently or fraudulent way, or still, to restrict the access of a member to the site, in all or in part, and that without notice, in every case where considers it necessary.

According to, its privacy policy, reserve the right to access the member’s accounts of the site any time. These interventions by shall ensure the good functioning of the site, at allowing its improvement, or still, ensure the protection of and its users.

The suspension or the closing of an account cannot give rise to any compensation that it is payable by

Operation of services

6. Fees Collected by does not charge any fees for the use of the site either for the creation or the user member account.

Service / Shipping charges are charged only when a sale is completed on the site.

7. Collection of Payment

During the transaction, take the payment of the buyer according to the payment method chosen by this one, what includes what follows:

(i) purchase price of the tickets;
(ii) delivery fees; and
(iii) applicable sales taxes (GST and QST).

8. Accuracy of the information relative to tickets display all the efforts and the necessary resources to make sure of the accuracy of the information posted on the site. Furthermore, even if display all the reasonable efforts to insure the accuracy of the information and the documents that it’s publishes itself on the site, the latter as well as its elements are supplied as they are, without any guarantee of some kind, implicit or explicit, in particular as for their accuracy, their completeness or their update., any company, society, trust or other legal entity controlled by or connected to this one as well as their shareholders, administrators, managers, employees, agents and representatives can be held responsible on no account for any damage connected directly or indirectly in the use of the site and/or its contents, that he was published by or his members.

9. Delivery of tickets makes a commitment to deliver tickets to the buyer according to the mode of delivery selected by this one during the purchase. cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or inconvenience connected to a delivery deadline chosen by the buyer.

10. Seats

When a buyer/member proceeds to the purchase of tickets on site, when these tickets are shown on the same line with a quantity of 2 or more, they are guaranteed as being side by side. Tickets are displayed on different lines are not necessarily related to each other and are beings from different lots.

11. Existence, validity and Property of tickets guarantee the validity of tickets sold on its site. makes every effort to ensure that the tickets sold on the site are valid. We make all the checks required with our sellers to protect our customers and buyers. guarantees that tickets bought on the site are valid 100%.

12. Postponed event

In the case you bought tickets on site and the event is postponed, the sale of those tickets remains valid.

13. Event Cancelled

In the case of the cancellation of an event for which the tickets were sold on the site of, we shall proceed immediately to the cancellation of the sale. communicates promptly with the buyer to notify the situation and it will be fully reimbursed for all fees paid, excluding shipping charges.

14. Electronic Tickets

In the case of electronic tickets, these are sent by e-mail. It should be noted that the buyer/member will receive tickets by e-mail at the address indicated during the transaction.

To reach the event it is important to bring with you the PDF documents received by e-mail (not the invoice).

You will have only to present them and they will be recognized with no problem as your admission tickets.

It should be noted that any sale of electronic tickets is final without exception. It is of the responsibility of the buyer/member to keep this document under cover, not to reproduce it or share it with others.

It should be noted that to avoid any shape of fraud, in the case of electronic tickets, we shall proceed to no exchange or refund, these sales are final.

Commitments and Responsibilities of the buyer

15.Buyer’s Commitments

The buyer makes a commitment to make any transaction on the site with a credit card of which he is the owner of for which he is legally allowed to proceed a transaction. To make sure the legitimacy of the used credit card and to limit the frauds which can be made on its site, allows the delivery of the tickets only to the address confirmed by the issuing company of the credit card of the buyer.

During a purchase, the user passes by a process of purchase. The user makes a commitment to respect the process in his integrity and to supply valid and current information in all the stages of the process. The user re-knows that the required information is necessary for any transaction and grant a right of use in to obtain the desired tickets. The user re-knows that his information will be treated in accordance with the policy of confidentiality of such as described on the web site. During a transaction and when a buyer clicks the button "Continue" of the stage two of the process of purchase, or which concludes a purchase by telephone, becomes from then a party to a contract with for the purchase of the selected tickets. From this moment, the buyer authorizes to obtain a pre-authorization of the issuing company of the credit card having been supplied to make the command. These pre-authorization amounts to the amount represented by the total cost of tickets (including the expenses of services), the expenses of delivery and the applicable taxes. Within 48 hours following the sale, the preauthorized amount will be charged to the buyer. is responsible not at all for additional costs and penalties which can be produced by the finance company to the holder of the card.

16. Guaranteed 100 % satisfaction offers a guarantee of 100% satisfaction.

From the reception of tickets by the buyer, it is of the responsibility of this one to verify the received tickets, to verify that they correspond to their expectation and to declare it satisfied.

In case there would be a questioning, the buyer has 10 days from the date of reception to communicate with and solve the situation.

What the 100% Guarantee?

The Guarantee satisfaction 100 % insures you:

(i) That the received tickets are authentic and valid
(ii) That the received tickets are in accordance with your order or are of a quality superior to this one (iii) That you will be fully reimbursed for all fees paid, excluding shipping charges, if the received tickets do not correspond to your command.

Conditions and procedure of the 100 guarantee

The buyer has a deadline of 10 working days from the date of reception of tickets to declare itself satisfied or report any dissatisfaction to customer service and take advantage of the protection offered by his 100% Guarantee.

The 100% Guarantee grants to the buyer the following right:

1) The buyer can, within at least thirty 30 working days before the event, be reimbursed for the cost of bought tickets (less the expenses of deliveries);
2) The buyer can, within 10 working days from the date of reception of tickets, if he thinks that the transmitted tickets do not correspond to the description such as described on its command, to obtain, according to commercially reasonable efforts of, tickets as a replacement which really correspond to its initial command or, failing that, to see paying off the cost of tickets (less the expenses of delivery); reserves the right to refuse any demand of refund which he will consider fraudulent, incomplete or not justified, or still if the request is presented outside deadlines stipulated in the present.

17. Non -compliance with the Terms of Use reserves the right to , in its sole discretion , any action against defaulting users of its site, including, without limiting the foregoing :

(i) Serve a warning;
(ii) Cancel a lot of tickets or a purchase;
(iii) Banish a member in a temporary or permanent way; or
(iv) Refuse the access to the site or services of and of its partners
(v) Cancel any current or incomplete transaction.

In the case that suspends the accesses of a user in a permanent or temporary way, this one recognizes that any made purchase could be cancelled by, without advance notice no deadlines.

18. Sharing information

In case 514-Tickets would detect on behalf of a user/member an activity susceptible to violate the law, makes a commitment to cooperate with the authorities concerned to make sure that the offenders will be pursued and sanctioned according to the applicable laws.

19. Defaults will consider that you are in default at the end of the present Conditions, as buyer or user, any of the following cases:

(i) If you violate these terms by behavior and activities banned by these;
(ii) If has a reasonable doubt allowing him to believe that you committed a fraud, a criminal act or an omission on the occasion of a purchase.

20. Intellectual Property

Within the framework of their use of the site, the users can be asked to provide to some material (for example, photos, descriptions, comments, etc.) which could be protected by the laws regarding intellectual property. The users grant by the fact to a complete use license and without limitation of time, territory or other one and grants by the fact any authorization of publication, modification, distribution, publishing and it is true without any remuneration and for unlimited period, for the purposes of the administration of the site and the transactions or to any other purposes connected to the activities of Furthermore, the users guarantee to possess or to have obtained all the rights or all the necessary authorizations with regard to the use of the material according to the terms planned in the present and what they violate no law or no right of a third party. The users recognize that play only a role of passive intermediary in the on-line publishing of the material, and that consequently, accept no responsibility as for the use and the distribution of the subdued material.

The contents of the present site are protected by the Law on the copyright and the Law on trademarks of Canada, as well as by the applicable international conventions. It is forbidden to copy, to reproduce, to distribute, to publish, to translate, to download, to post or to transmit in any way, any element of this site, including, but without limiting itself to it, the contents, the data, the texts, the images, the codes and the software, without the written preliminary permission of and of its affiliated companies. It is however allowed to post, to keep in memory, to download or to print any contents of the site during the use of this one, but only for personal use and as much as it is not modified.

" is a trademark of Other brands, names, words, logos and drawings can also constitute belonging trademarks in, in one of his affiliated companies or in a third party. It is strictly forbidden to use trademarks and trade names contained in the site otherwise than in a way authorized by the present or with the written consent of

By using the site every visitor/user of the site also re-knows that all the intellectual property of is its unique property of No arrangement of this agreement has the effect of granting a right of use of this one to the users. The users of the site give up by present in their right to dispute the validity of any intellectual property belonging in

21. Functioning of the site guarantees no way that the site is accessible or functional continuously and what its contents are exempt from any error, from any defect, harmful element or other materially harmful component., any company, society, trust or other legal entity controlled by or connected to this one as well as them shareholders, administrators, managers, employees, agents and representatives relieve of any responsibility with regard to the malfunction of any IT component, any software or any line of communication, with regard to the loss or to the absence of network communication or with regard to any transmission failing, incomplete, incomprehensible or erased by any computer or any network and which can limit for anyone the ability to access the Site or prevent ., any company, corporation, trust or other legal entity controlled by or related to it and their respective shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents and subcontractors also disclaim all liability for any damage or loss may be caused, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from downloading any Web page or software or by the transmission of any information related to navigation on the Site.

22. Personal information

Any personal piece of information taken on the site of is made accordance with our policy of confidentiality there such as available on the site. We invite you to consult this one for more ample details.

23. Applicable Law

The laws of the province of Quebec and Canada apply to the use of the present site no matter your place of residence or your location. You accept and you submit yourselves by present to the exclusive competence of the courts of Quebec, district of Montreal, with regard to any dispute concerning the access and the use of the present site.

24. Outside Links on our Site or Other Proposed Services

Our site can include hyperlinks towards other web sites, towards independent services or information of third party. These links, services or information proposed are supplied to you by courtesy. is not responsible for the contents of these sites or the proposed services and does not assume them. cannot be held responsible for damage, of whatever nature, ensuing from the navigation and from the use of these sites or the use of these services or information.

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